Rick and Morty x PlayStation 5 Console [ad]

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    Hear all the marketing points PlayStation gave Rick to say about the new PlayStation 5 console, from Morty.
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    1. ASGÆL 21

      "PlayStation, Play have no limits" My money dont say so

    2. Elizabeth Gillespie

      Lol I hear they are all crashing like crazy and then just shutting off 😂😂😂 fast my balls

    3. The Peasant Rock


    4. Cristian M

      the best commercial fucking ever 🤘🤘

    5. Daimion Dark1

      Let XBox suck that. Best commercial ever! Wubbalubba dub dub! Know what im sayin dawg!?

    6. SolomQ

      Ахуенная реклама

    7. Alex Edwards

      I watch playstation ads over and over because Sony has to pay to show them. I intend to watch so many ads that Sony will lose money by having me as a customer. AND SO FAR I'M QUITE AHEAD SINCE I CAN'T BUY THE CONSOLE AND HAVE WATCHED A HUNDRED ADS.


      Watched on gaming pc

    9. Thunderlord Gaming

      The end is 100% by Your Narrator like im sure look him up on youtube

    10. EB -the-GAMER

      Unless you got the ps5 with the bad chips in em, like Tear of Grace did XD

    11. GBC Cesar

      It would be pretty cool to have one.. too bad they only made 86 of them bitches

    12. N_Theunknown

      Ps5 is like but it izzzz goood and we like ok imma buy it and they be like good then we say we can’t then they say try harder and I say make more and they say no u so don’t get the new Xbox just get a mini fridge

    13. Daevin Dilbeck

      If I could FUCKING FIND ONE

    14. Salvador Flores

      Why is it so hard to give sony out $500

    15. Алихан Кадыров

      Sony: Buy a PS5 Me: PS3 ?

    16. Sophia Rose

      Rick and Morty do a lot of things....except consistently make new episodes..

    17. Zaya Kapi

      Is this real?

      1. Zaya Kapi

        ...just asking

    18. George Fotis Dramesiotis

      I think I want to buy a ps5 now

    19. pooks cutty

      Ps: play has no limits COD update:.......

    20. zRoix

      so many PS5 ads when you should be putting ALL the money towards putting out more consoles

    21. LOLManen batman

      I loved it lol

    22. Beastzero

      I have a Xbox but now I want a Ps5

    23. STM

      Plot twist: Rick bought up all the PS5's and is scalping them in another dimension.

    24. Vivek Vivi

      Finding a PS5 has become an exclusive game now.

    25. Andrew Keyrussion

      Do when Rick need money or care for ps5 ,he liturali make own interunivers console like thos TV universe eps His just a god at this point

    26. cagethelonewolf

      Idk why they running ads you can't even buy em

    27. Cisco Franco

      they forgot to mention it’s sold out everywhere 😐

    28. Leonardo Diniz

      O ps5 tá demais!

    29. Josue Villasante

      Piece of garbage

    30. harry clark

      "play has no limits" except for only 50 of them were made

    31. IDK Studios

      Ya Shure if you could actually supply them

    32. MGM

      Before this commercial: Neckbeards: "PC is the master race" After the commercial: Neckbeards: "Too be fair, you need a 200 IQ to understand the PS5."

    33. SquareTarts

      Stut up and take my money

    34. Rob Mortimer

      I’d be more interested if you actually released a Blu Ray and dvd of series 4 outside of the US

    35. Phantom Troupe

      Out of all the ads for the PS5, this is the one that convinced me to buy it

    36. Eliana Soliz

      Compare the Death Stranding commercial to this commercial ... yeah, play station sucks compared to death stranding

    37. YF21_Septic

      How. The. F*$@. Did they get a PS5

    38. Pumpkin master

      ... after that ... I gina buy one

    39. maxwell rose

      Ps5 is a great console

    40. Burak 1878

      Was geht

    41. KrishanuAR

      Honestly, continuing to market the console when it has been unavailable since day 1 just makes Sony look worse.

    42. ace gacha

      game dose a new and good thing that fixed a prolem ever other game has the other games MINE MINE MINE

    43. Sr. Jorge 728


    44. Relgader

      Cool and smart

    45. sick Beats1209

      Xbox series x doesn’t burn your house down like the ps5 buy a Xbox series X today

    46. Hayden Pettit

      How the fuck have them two fuckers got a PS5 and I can’t get to my basket quick enough to check one out!!

    47. James

      Well done that was a good AD

    48. Graba

      sony: adult swim please advertise ps5 as: ok sony: S T O N K S me after watching: this is the 100% perfection on ad

    49. Marlo Lorenzo

      Play Station is dominating compared to Xbox marketing 😂

    50. Spartacus Smith

      Just like R&M season 5, it would seem we're not getting it for a long time...

    51. GloryKingz

      Xbox is for people who have a Karen mom

    52. Jumee Hu

      Everyone: I swear I had it in my CART!! But failed to check out!!!

    53. B

      Season 6 plz...

    54. Ukami Hokage

      PlayStation 5: stock has too many limits

    55. earlofdenby

      Everyone “I’d like to buy a PS5 please” Sony “Fuck off!”

    56. Juzxie -_-

      Best ad I ever seen

    57. Johan Thunberg

      That's a terrible ad

    58. AlgenCrew

      In deutsch bitte

    59. Nikoss_07

      how many people bought it from this add xd

    60. Vos König

      Is this a real ad?

    61. Darth Gumby

      I'm only watching this because it won't leave my youtube feed until I play it.

    62. Thiago Sarraf

      Alright, I will break my Xbox right now and run to buy a New Playstation 5.

    63. Vazz Vegas

      Even Rick and Morty couldnt get one. That's just a prop.

    64. The live is only Good

      Xbox Series X have the better graphiccard

    65. frumple

      that was boring

    66. Xander Ferreira

      This is gold

    67. Axel Hernandez

      La mejor publicidad de la vida xd

    68. Average _FN

      This has been my favourite video this week

    69. Pedrão Gustavo

      PlayStation 5

    70. Keter Bruh

      Spot: power for the players You: poverty for the players

    71. G.T.O. The Public Beta Test

      Just so we’re all clear- Sony is literally spending more money to promote something almost no one can buy, than they’re making from the few people who can actually buy one. Including the scalpers. They’re throwing away tens of millions of dollars, while people are starving, to make it look like they have something to sell. Let that sink in.

    72. TheRomaduce

      wow each passing moment i am respecting this franchise less and less... ps5 or rick and morty? YES!!!

    73. orlando gonzalez

      Ok Morty now talk about the SCALPERS and the BOTS getting it OUT OF STOCK

    74. Felipe Oliveira Alcântara

      Remember: "Paying has no limits"

    75. matt brown

      This is enough for me to not buy a ps5.

    76. vaniadep

      Xbox series x and Nintendo switch TOP!

    77. T2LC

      Shit struggles with crysis lmao

    78. minij hooi

      Thank you so much for this video!!!?

    79. Андрей

      Так вот у кого все консоли. Чертов Рик

    80. Max Power

      Nice 🤣

    81. phantomioo 21

      Guy at the end sound like markiplier

    82. DarhzTex

      No We Didn't Ask For PlayStation 5 WE ASKED FOR SEASON 5 SILLY! (IT'S A JOKE)

      1. minij hooi

        youd think theyd delay the launch until theyd stocked up enough for at least 80 percent of consumers to be able to buy them kind of a big fuck up no?

    83. BxbyAtlas

      my favorite show is with the playstation gang now😤💙😁

    84. KxngAP

      ok now need to see a rick and Morty custom ps5

    85. Norm

      Пришёл посмотреть что-то нормальное, но по субтитрами понял что реклама((((

    86. Andrew Jones

      All take your entire stock

    87. Dank creeper [2nd channel]

      Yeah it loads very fast I saw a video on it

    88. valentin barraza

      Go play in pc

    89. Gamen Snootdroop

      Looks like Rick found another gaming company to ask to give him free stuff.

    90. Gamen Snootdroop

      The best part is Rick shouting "FUCK MY ASS" at the end and pretty much completely invalidating the deal by literally any other standard but they kept it in

    91. Waffle Senpai

      now we know rick escaped prison

    92. Red Sus

      Rick could just build one himself probably even better

    93. JorjoGOD

      me wanting a new pc

    94. Ending Parasite

      This is by far the best thing I've seen about the PS5

    95. StickManApple

      Makes me want to play Xbox.

      1. plush knight

        PlayStation is better

    96. alex hodgson

      youd think theyd delay the launch until theyd stocked up enough for at least 80 percent of consumers to be able to buy them kind of a big fuck up no?

    97. AboveXero

      At this point, i have a better chance at getting a ps5 from rick building it then trying to buy it faster than scalpers.

    98. NFS4LFE

      You want to sell the PS5? Make more goddammit

    99. McNugget 1039


    100. Cardi B

      Way better than the XBOX fridge lol