OFFICIAL TRAILER #2: Rick and Morty Season 5 | adult swim

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    No time to unpack this. Rick and Morty returns for season 5 on Sunday, June 20 at 11pm ET/PT on Adult Swim.
    Song: Diane Young by Vampire Weekend
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    1. B'Elanna Wood

      Idk if you’ve seen the views but this is the only show anyone really cares about 👌👌👌👌

    2. Brighidau Theodor Florin

      Cant wait

    3. Xe

      Let's goo it on my bday!!!! What a surprise

    4. Harsh Dhakad

      20th June is my birthday, and I am Introvert so nobody cares for my day. I usually get not more than 3-4 wishes. But this time, adult swim is gonna engage me. Thanks Justin and team. You guys are rockstar.

    5. Daikon

      Oh shit I see Voltron

    6. Ostrich Guy

      Can't fucking wait, hopefully it's just as good as the other seasons.

    7. Pro Arthur

      Who else doesn't give a shit about all these space wars and just want rick to talk about normal things like about culture and Society

      1. z0s0 z0s0

        why would the smartest man in the UNIVERSE waste time on one planet

    8. Infinity Romanian Animator

      SEASON 5

    9. eioshen boboi

      I feel like rick and morty is about to become a parody of itself and objectively awesome

    10. D 137

      Season 6 Coming Soon In 2049

    11. Austin Park

      Jerry gets a little fucking hand pistol while everyone else gets super cool sci-fi Weapoms

    12. Crokobos

      this season looks to be such a blast

      1. eioshen boboi


    13. Joseph Araquel

      There Coming Soon Are Back New Show Rick And Morty. 🙂


      looks like this season is family friendly lol

    15. Mocco Mongananzo

      Finally some good news 👍 I'm a huge fan of Rick and Morty

    16. Isaac Karumbe

      Will this season be episodic or more serialized like the previous one.

    17. sᴀᴠɪᴏᴜʀ ᴍᴀᴄʜɪɴᴇ

      A Doctor WHo crossover must happen at some point.

    18. 。 Hiss

      I see they’ve destroyed the world again.

    19. Jordy 229

      What to look forward to in June: The United States government is going to tell everyone everything about real confirmed UFO’s that were seen, there’s real UFO’s and it’s been confirmed Rick and Marty season 5 Why am I more exited for Rick and Morty???

      1. Thorium


    20. Inflammatory comments with notifs off

      Rick aint as OP anymore.

    21. bhow

      i can say im very excited for the power ranger rip off episode

    22. Алексей Кусраев

      Когда выйдет?

    23. Isaac

      Okay, we're all the way on trailer number two and still no news about season 6? shameful, shameful.

    24. David Labella

      Didn’t expect the Voltron lions but ok

    25. Imaad Rana

      When does the new season coke to Hulu

    26. Harshan Singh

      the true definition of "random" is the time b/w the episodes/seasons.

    27. J R


    28. Veljko Stankovic

      this is dumb, stupid episodes... we want only rick and morty not fucking rick morty jerry beth and summer adventures and its dumb that rick isnt mean and morty is becoming hes own man fuck this shit

    29. STAP Hungryear

      When did jerry get a little better like it seems every season jerry gets more and more let’s say less pitty

    30. MO THE BRO

      This season is going to have a super dark ending

    31. Gaming Videos

      Is he getting closer to that sweet love of Szechuan sauce?

    32. oiuet souiu

      hope the creators are aware

    33. James 98

      Basically season 5 is current american dad

    34. Japan Hilal

      I am Not Gonna Die Before Watching Rick And Morty Lol

    35. морген шлюх


    36. Ed Garcia

      More Summer! Rick who and Morty what, phiss Summer rocks!

      1. oiuet souiu

        This is not the rick and morty I once new...

    37. Trohzi


    38. Brodieodieo

      not one burp.

    39. seeni gzty

      The whole family forming a Voltron team reminds me a lot of Go! Dexter! Family Go! from Dexter's Laboratory

    40. ノータリン

      Oh! I can't watch season5 in Japan for now! I'm looking forward to watched season5 in Japan someday. ( I’m not good at English. But I worked pretty hard! )

    41. George Stanfo

      Get ready for I'm doing two shows and I just want money and now this show sucks

      1. X__xSAGEx__X

        You suck lol 🤣🤣

    42. Dream Demon


    43. Rok games widziewic


    44. W King27

      1:09 Rick working in his brain brow 😳

    45. Knock Knock

      0:33 cyberpunk birds

    46. Adam Baligian

      Jerry holding the little revolver…. So great

    47. R.I.P βƪʊe

      the worst part is that the netflix series is switching to hbo go :(

    48. Sami M

      It would be hilarious if rick sat in a chair that would give him infinite knowledge (kinda like the mobius chair) and just say “wtf this is making me dumber”

    49. Invidious Vain

      Season 5 premiers on Father’s Day That’s a good start season 5

    50. IMa_GrEen_BEaN

      This is not the rick and morty I once new...

      1. Adeganel


    51. Sepha Jones

      They only got approved for ten episodes a season, they should start putting out specials like South Park...


      o my god cant wait

    53. darkmask441

      So Morty did get that whip he asked for from last season episode.

    54. 汉字Yoshi


    55. diamond boy

      Rick has finally growing for the better as a character

    56. dwyght hall

      Anyone notice the clock is a different time in the garage???

    57. Matthew Sims


    58. 4D-sucuklu

      rick sometimes drools and sometimes doesnt in the scenes the rick with the family is VERY LİKELY a different rick

    59. MDR

      The only good news in this terrible 2021

    60. themartianway

      1:10 captain planet reference?

    61. Matthew Tucker

      0:22: Just like the car lock scene in Scary Movie 4

    62. NuclearGlory03

      More pretentious bull crap, yay!

    63. Hummingbirdgirl07

      which if these are the episodes we'll actually see

      1. Adeganel

        all dumb***

    64. Ynaiã Leal


    65. Clueless Wanderer

      Is this our Rick c-137? He seems ... odd.

    66. Moonlight Boy

      I'm soo excited for this

    67. D F

      It's coming out on my birthday, and I'm fucking stoked

    68. Gamer 441


    69. Alex Wilson

      Whats the background music track name???

    70. Orli kinn

      Есть кто смотрит триллер?

    71. Mr.Donut683

      One Rick is actually being nice? Also is there gonna be more updates for the vr game?

    72. moiiimerde _


    73. Niko Frkanec

      Morty got his laser whip he asked for in season 4 episode 7

    74. Zuhayr Gaffar

      Stream Homesick 🛸

    75. AkiraLionPilot

      *sees Voltron heavily referenced* All the sudden I’m interested

    76. morty88

      It's returning on my birth day!!!! Best birthday gift

    77. salinium

      Watch, none of this stuff will be in any actual episodes haha

    78. Jonas Cunha


    79. [DRED]Carbon_Hero_

      Can Morty hurry up and get a girlfriend

      1. [DRED]Carbon_Hero_

        @that part indeedily oh yeah I remember that lol

      2. that part indeedily

        He's had multiple. He even had one that made Jessica so jealous she begged Rick to bring him back to her.

    80. Carolyn S

      Vampire Weekend yeeeeesssssss!!!!!!

      1. asioe kiou

        We need a new Interdimensional Cable or an Evil Morty episode this season at the very least!

    81. Morgan Shein

      Wait, then what about Ricks situation about his daughter cloned situation? What about Evil Morty and what he does eventually in the series? So many questions to unpack, and I hope the creators are aware

    82. Тик Ток Balvediva

      Прикольно, жду сезон

    83. Heartbeat

      What is this banger of a song that plays

    84. Besir Buyruk

      Wubba lubba dub dub

    85. David Z.C.

      I'm worry about not seing the intergalactic Beth

    86. Trilok Singh

      omg jerry really

    87. TheJuggtron

      getting ready to jump the shark

    88. STIKLI

      Pleeeeeeaaaaase translate to hungarian people

    89. Carbodude

      The whole family forming a Voltron team reminds me a lot of Go! Dexter! Family Go! from Dexter's Laboratory

    90. Viggevigg E

      When is this coming to Netflix?

    91. Stoudy2

      0:59 who is that flying out? He looks fantastic!

    92. Nawaf Plays n stuf


    93. Mike Riley


    94. Cory Manning

      We need a new Interdimensional Cable or an Evil Morty episode this season at the very least!

      1. Lexichhu

        Totally! I think a Morty’s Mind Blowers or even a Rick’s Mind Blowers would be cool too.

    95. Ente Zzz

      On Netflix maybe ?

    96. Вова Кузнецов

      В какой серии рик и саммер колотили фашиста?

    97. hi im a normal person

      Looks boring

    98. RootBoy Float

      We'll probably get some evil morty stuff this season seeing as we get it every other season.

    99. Жмых 92октанович

      Конец идеям, пизда сериалу

    100. Crimzen

      I can't wait anymore man.