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  1. Justin Lee

    the cover looks like gordon ramsey

  2. Matti lol

    Hmmm on netflix season 4 is still not completle available

  3. matt brown

    This is enough for me to not buy a ps5.

  4. nick driessen

    Please don't. You're ruining Rick and Morty.

  5. Lil Stairwell

    This guy is literally the twomad of adult swim

  6. Mr. Fish

    The real Patch Adams lives in my town, I run into him all the time at the grocery store

  7. HeadstrongColorfulRainbow Jones

    James does has a point ya know?

  8. Adriano Maciel

    I liked the Brazilian Portuguese version even better than the original one.

  9. Rose

    Best part is when Eric yells at craft punk for existing

  10. nwreed

    I told you we shouldn't have gone to the same cabin as last time.

  11. Marcelo Zuniga

    Came for 0:22

  12. Aspern Park

    Never realised that there's so much going on behind his back

  13. sebastian cif

    Big lump energy

  14. Dipper 101 music

    This is going to be dope as hell

  15. AnuxeL

    I was so distracted by the male breastfeeding that I didn’t even realize his unfortunate hair situation

  16. Trying

    my crush became my bea IT WORKS

  17. Thabsoffical. -

    I’ve not even finished season 4

  18. vaniadep

    Xbox series x and Nintendo switch TOP!

  19. Red Hood

    Wow 10 years later the empire are still a pain to the new republic balls

  20. Red Black

    Hannibal, nooooooo...

  21. themostobscure

    Watching this through again, I realized that at 1:41, the pose that Clair does is the exact pose that's on the billboard at 10:44. Her imagination is so limited in this relationship she has with her family, that she can't even imagine doing something else than what she has seen with her billboard family.

  22. TimLikesWaffles

    Wait was this an episode I haven't seen?

  23. steven gin

    This is a metaphor for life, it has a deeper meaning

  24. T2LC

    Shit struggles with crysis lmao

  25. Joe Schembrie

    It's an old story of the fall of empires. Control-freak leader appoints yes men, butt kissers, and brown nosers. Then he dies and they don't have a clue as to how to think for themselves.

  26. Fruitzee

    Might not be able to see season 5 the way the world is going rn.

  27. Stripes plays


  28. FaZeRain

    Welp I'm becoming a bee keeper.

  29. minij hooi

    Thank you so much for this video!!!?

  30. Jimmy Hodum

    I voted for this Joe for president, not the other guy

  31. aura la

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  33. aura la

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  35. FALLUX

    hehe.. I peed

  36. aura la

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  42. aura la

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  43. aura la

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  44. The Lasso

    If you ask Kevin Durant he’ll translate for you

  45. Jacob Ward

    Poor dip

  46. aura la

    Lo ji hj ui oi jk iopo 8 9 7 8 9n o a p

  47. Skankhunt 42

    I fuckin hate jerry

  48. aura la

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  51. Transgirl Vs. The World

    *"How is this a fair trial?! My lawyer is a Morty!"*

  52. Guilherme Cardoso

    Dude he was made out of ice he was the Ice T

  53. Albert Y.

    0:52 wasn't that the detox machine thing?

  54. Andrés Reyes

    more liek the wesley snipes show

  55. Skankhunt 42

    Is this moe‘s tavern at the beginning? :D

  56. Kiza Music

    Lmaooo this is dumb funny

  57. Андрей

    Так вот у кого все консоли. Чертов Рик

  58. MrNeckCrack

    Ppl are so dumb like why would you stay after the first 50 red flags

  59. Sensible Cougar

    Damn near lost my composure when he said Coachella sucks this year

  60. Max Power

    Nice 🤣

  61. ZayBreezy

    This is why Justin is the G.O.A.T.


    Whats the song there playing

  63. Icy Mike

    1:31 actually she looks ugly 😂

  64. LeftyGaming

    Ooh imma make sure to watch this the next time I do drugs

  65. Johnny Terra

    this was beautiful <3

  66. phantomioo 21

    Guy at the end sound like markiplier

  67. Mudra MMXVII

    Damn guess it's not "cultural appropriation " when you guys use others shit huh ? Must be nice lmao.

  68. Chaf Cancel

    Am I the only one wanting to see more of Kyle Bostic?

  69. Eternal Destinee

    when he puts his legs up i lost it lmaooo

  70. Hamborger

    My question is how did they get a pool of acid?

  71. Blck 7

    Damn, thats straight up just black space ghost like he's got all the mannerisms and even speech patterns of Space Ghost but its still uniquely black. Very cool homage, excellently done.

  72. Orphan Topic

    It’s blind mike

  73. silver geist

    I want to play that game

  74. DarhzTex

    No We Didn't Ask For PlayStation 5 WE ASKED FOR SEASON 5 SILLY! (IT'S A JOKE)

    1. minij hooi

      youd think theyd delay the launch until theyd stocked up enough for at least 80 percent of consumers to be able to buy them kind of a big fuck up no?

  75. Katelyn! That's me

    Ive just began watching this show and i already love it so when i first heard about the cancelation i didnt wanna get to excitedabout a show that might never have a true conclusiion, but the fact a new season is coming is fucking great ! :)

  76. nick B

    Such a good eric calpton song.

  77. BxbyAtlas

    my favorite show is with the playstation gang now😤💙😁

  78. Ximena Monroy Rosas

    Why did this fuck me up more than it shouldve? Am I crazy? Did this fuck anyone else too???

  79. BobfromSydney

    Meanwhile the Star Wars EU is crying in the corner while murdering Chewbacca

  80. Fabrizio elian Gonzalez terrazas

    Me: dkdnskaksusodbdownsldndjskbaj